How do I Clean an Air Conditioner at Home?

How do I Clean an Air Conditioner at Home? We choose or purchase the best Air Conditioner which in turn definitely satisfies our needs and suits our living place. But what when you think about its maintenance? To achieve the same cooling effect throughout the time, we need to clean the filters and other parts of the Air conditioner (AC). Right?  Probably many people are unaware of how to clean an Air Conditioner at home.

So in that case, if you are also the one standing and thinking about the cleaning process, no problem. I am going to guide in a simple understandable language mentioning over here. The very first to keep or maintain the Air Conditioner healthier, we need to clean the entire unit. Without taking any professional help, one can by self has an opportunity to clean the entire unit.

How do I Clean an Air Conditioner at Home

However, there are certain tips that might help you with the cleaning process very well. Like you need to give your half-day fro cleaning the entire outlet. Filters, the outer part, inner part, mesh if present this should be thoroughly get cleaned. Sometimes you may require specialized tools for obtaining effective cleaning. Hence by taking note of all these points, let’s go through the process of cleaning Air conditioner inside, outside, and its filter too. So, let’s go through the information right now.

How do I Clean an Air Conditioner at Home?

Now finally, we came to the point. You are initially suggested to go through the information shared below so that undoubtedly by self you can start cleaning the entire unit for achieving the best cooling effect.

  • How to Clean the AC Unit Inside Thoroughly?
  • How to Clean the AC Unit Outside Thoroughly?
  • How to Clean the AC Unit Filter Thoroughly?

So are you ready to go step by step and likely to analyze the details now itself? If yes, here we go without making any delay. Let us start learning the cleaning process step by step.

How to Clean the AC Unit Inside Thoroughly?

Follow the below instructions to clean the AC unit inside thoroughly.

Steps to Clean an Air Conditioner

  • The very first, let us learn the simple steps require to clean inside the Air Conditioner (AC).
  • Initially, you are requested to turn off the AC switch.
  • Open the Air Conditioner Unit. This is the matter of removing some bolts or screws.
  • You are requested to clean the evaporator coils. For this, you can use either a soft cloth or brush. All the dust is none other than the particles collected from your room itself. So it is very essential to clean the foils for enhancing the best cooling effect.
  • You can also wash these foils just by dipping and wiping the dust in the bucket of water. Later allow these foils to dry completely and then you are allowed to fix it back again.
  • Clean the AC drain pan with soap and hot water.
  • Now also clean the air conditioner drain when you see it is plugged.
  • Now cross-check whether the entire unit is cleaned effectively. If done, close the AC access panel by tightening the bolts and screws. That’s all!!!

The best time to clean it is on a hot sunny day either morning or mid-afternoon or before the sunset. Make sure you go and perform the same.

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How to Clean the AC Unit Outside Thoroughly?

Follow the below steps to clean the entire AC unit outside thoroughly. So without making a delay, let’s go through the instructions.

How do I Clean an Air Conditioner outside

  • Disconnect and you are allowed to remove the AC grills.
  • Remove the debris out through your hands by taking the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean the AC Foil and fins too.
  • Make sure you had straightened the Air Conditioner’s Fins very well.
  • Clean all around the AC.
  • Make it level for too long.

This way you are requested to clean the entire outside of the AC unit very well.

How to Clean the AC Unit Filter Thoroughly?

Now while getting back to the cleaning ness of the AC filter, follow the below instructions shared step by step.

How do I Clean an Air Conditioner filters

  • Initially, you are suggested to vacuum the AC filter.
  • Try to soak the filters.
  • Spray it or wash it with warm or normal water to remove the complete dirt.
  • Allow them to dry and then fix it back.

Cleaning the entire Air conditioner and keeping its efficiency will never drop the performance of it. This way every year, you are suggested to perform before you start for enhancing the greater cooling effect and thereby can have a happy and comfortable life at your living place. If in case of any doubts, stay back and provide in the followed rectangle box. So that we may help in clearing out. Keep in touch with the best ac in India to learn more interesting tutorials successfully.

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