Types of Air Conditioner Filters and How They Work?

Types of Air Conditioner Filters and How They Work? Choosing the best Air conditioner is not an easy task. But also at the same time, whoever looks into the different models, will also concentrate or focus on the filter type the chosen AC has. What actually these Air Conditioner Filters are? What are the different types and which is the best ac suitable for your home?

Does the same questions were bothering you? No problem. I am here to help and explain to you in detail. Not just the outside lookswise is important, but also indoor air quality plays a prominent role. The air that comes and distributes the outside must be in such a way, should not affect or cause any health problems like allergies and many more. Hence to take care of human health, it is important to filter and eliminate harmful substances and thereby release the fresh air.

Types of Air Conditioner Filters

Looking into this point is very important especially for the household members who are already suffering from respiratory problems. By reviewing these points, now it is clear that one must choose the AC type which has the best filter that suits your requirements very well. Let us go through the types of Air conditioner filters now in detail so that you may get some idea about all of them.

Types of Air Conditioner Filters and How They Work?

So as discussed, there are various types of Air Conditioner filters available in India. However, the list of air conditioner filters is mentioned just below in the form of bullet points. Let’s go through it right away.

  • UV light Filters
  • HEPA Filters
  • Washable filters
  • Electrostatic filters
  • Media filters
  • Pleated filters
  • Spun glass filters

Each filter has its own importance. To get more clear about the types of air conditioner filters, let’s go every single filter in detail right now.

UV light Filters

The UV light filters, the name itself determines release ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria, virus if any. However, these filters work excellently to kills the microorganisms which are dangerous to the health. But one thing to be remembered is this UV light however is very much visible to the human eye. Also, they were replaceable.

HEPA Filters

While getting back towards HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate air filters) is meant to remove at least 99% of airborne particles if any and act as a protection layer to your home. Removable but has to fit by the professional so that can allow fitting the entire HEPA system successfully.

Washable filters

washable air filters

The washable filters come in two categories. One is disposable and another one is reusable. Anyhow these are eco-friendly and saves a lot of money too. Make sure you follow the maintenance instructions before you start. Also, allow it completely dry and then place it back.

Electrostatic filters

The electrostatic filters act as a magnetic layer and keep the airborne particles/ dust/ any spreading away from the entire home. Anyhow the electrostatic filters were available as disposable and a few as reusable too.

Media filters

The Media filters are comprised of a big surface area that successfully prevents static pressure and very much easy to maintain. All these media filters were cost-effective too.

Pleated filters

While coming towards the pleased filters, this is going to take responsibility in filtering the complete dust and airborne particles if any. All these were available in two categories again. Reusable and Disposable enough.

Spun glass filters

The Spun glass filter considered as best and cost-effective too. These are disposable and going to protect the air conditioner very well. Improves the air quality and whoever has the respiratory problem, this is going to be best suitable.

According to my views, the details provided here are crystal clear. I guess now you are standing in a position where can choose the AC which has the best filter successfully. If in case of any queries or doubts, do not hesitate to mention them in the below comment box. We will keep updating you by explaining each query in detail. Stay connected with the best ac in India for learning more needful information at the right time without any complaint.

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